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About Us

Our Mission : Our mission is to promote, cultivate and express an awakening of harmony through chai.

Our Tag-Line : Chai Creates Connections. It connects with nature, with yourself and among ourselves with each other.

We aim to deliver "Ek Acchi Chai".
A perfect cup of "Chai" that inspires every Indian to Connect, Collaborate and Co-Create.

In India, consumption of tea is not a seasonal phenomenon; rather an obsession, where people drink "chai" (tea) at any time of the day, irrespective of the temperature. Indians can be found sipping tea from roadside stalls, established eateries and at their homes across the country.

Mom-preneur maybe a new age term but for years, women have successfully built small businesses from their homes. Go For Chai one such Start up started by women with a belief to change the face of homemakers!

Go For Chai is very much a Women Welfare brand – the story is about Women and it revolves around women. The tea is a part of our country’s heritage made by the female of the house that we should celebrate and the connections that we should embrace. What sets us apart from other brands is our beautiful hand-made ghar wali chai and our attention to detail in empowering women!

Go For Chai believes in providing homemade chai to the so called “Chai Lover” that brings a perfectly brewed cup of Chai made with natural ingredients to offices, working professionals and individuals who are comfortable with technology and love the age-old experience of Chai. “Ghar wali Chai and Ghar wali feeling”! It focuses on creating that homely connect with you and your team and making them feel comfortable at their workplace!

We wanted to be Omni Channel Company reaching out to customers across medium online, offline or mobile.

Founder : Anchal Suri

Passion is enough to start a business, but having fun with it is absolutely necessary! This belief that drives Anchal Suri who is a lifelong lover of chai, culture, food and travel. Founder of a startup called "Go For Chai - A Tea Treatz venture" which gives a platform to homemakers in India, the lady is herself a proud homemaker. She is glad that women of today are speaking up and reclaiming their space in the world.